Thrift Store Finds: My Growing Addiction

I’ve always been a fan of saving a dollar here or there. I’d always search out sales at bookstores or online, check out the bargain bins in store, take advantage of 2 for $15 at Walmart way too many times for me to count. I’d go searching through Amazon and iBooks for the cheapest deals, usually grabbing up bundles that are only a few dollars. It served me well throughout the years.

Then I discovered thrift stores.

I don’t know why I never thought to try them before. Thanks to the helpful tip from a friend, I headed straight to one of the thrift stores (Bibles for Mission) that was in town. And I was blown away. Thee quality of most of the books I discovered was amazing. People take really great care of books most of the time, usually getting rid of them when they’re finished or if they just don’t have the room anymore. All the better for me! If I can snag up a book for $0.50, I’m in book heaven. From that moment on, I didn’t think I’d ever go back to a bookstore again except to stock up on newer releases from my favourite authors.

And of course, I couldn’t stop.

Every few weeks I checked out the same thrift store, always with new stock in and always with some great finds. Books usually ranged from $0.50 to $2.00, depending on the size. But there were always certain coloured price tags that were a percentage off, so you could get a book for even less than $0.50 if you were lucky.

When I moved, I was almost disappointed that I would be leaving behind such an amazing option for growing my collection. Even to this day, despite the plenty of thrift stores in the area, it still remains the cheapest location, as well as with the best selection every time I’ve gone. The last trip I ended up coming home with 21 books for only $12!

Value Village is a close second, however, with an amazing deal on Harlequin books that eventually forced me to get a bookshelf specifically for them. Buy 4 and get the 5th Harlequin/Silhouette book free is a great deal with them only being $0.69. I easily was able to grab 10 for just over $5. With their other books ranging usually anywhere from $1 to $5/7, it’s still a great deal when checking out their extensive offerings. I discovered Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris, the first book in one of my favourite series, at that very Value Village for less than $4.

As much as I love reading e-books, and do I ever with it’s convenience and ease, I still love being able to walk into my office and see the walls lined with filled bookshelves. Thrift stores have just made it that much easier to go a little nuts when I need a book fix. Or frenzy, is more like it.

So check out a thrift store close to you. Selections might differ, prices might alter, but it’s a great affordable way to try something new, or be able to check out some of your favourite books and authors if you’re tight for money.


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