One Dom to Love

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It’s been awhile since I’ve read such a heavy erotic story surrounding BDSM, but I was excited to tackle the genre again. One Dom to Love has a different atmosphere than the others that I’ve read in the past, and I quite enjoyed that. There was no tip toeing around BDSM, and instead, we’re thrown right into the thick of things. And I feel like there aren’t enough of those around. You still have the training and the teachings with Raine, so you still have that slow progress for her to learn. But you’re not anticipating long before you’re delving into that lifestyle. When I read these books, I want to be immersed, and that’s exactly how I felt with One Dom to Love.

The story is quick to progress, not dragging out, but yet we’re also not being shoved with information right from the start. We get little pieces here and there about each character and the demons they have, without feeding too much at once and being overwhelming. It keeps enough mystery in play, leaving you wondering until certain pieces of the puzzle are revealed. It makes it exciting and unpredictable.

The plot itself, while having that love triangle, still feels different than other cliches in the romance genre. There is a lot of give and take, a lot of rooting for certain characters over the other. But not in a traditional sense. From what we see of the characters in this first book, it’s almost a natural pull towards Liam. He’s more gentle, he can see what Raine needs, and takes every precaution to protect her while also training her. Hammer, on the other hand, is a real bastard that I was quick to hate. He was quick to anger, and many times lost control. There is no room to compromise with him, and he assumes the absolute worst out of Liam, his own friend. He plays with Raine’s emotions, and her body, and it’s tough to see the silver lining with him. However, I do feel like once he faces his past head on, learns to move on and trust those around him better, I can see him developing and growing as a character. And I’m excited to see that. I’m also intrigued to see more of Liam. We know of his past with his wife, but not a whole lot. The same can be said about Hammer. There are many questions I still have about these characters and their motivations, and I’m intrigued to learn more.

What I absolutely love about this story, is that always pesky trust issue. Each character has it. Hammer’s past wife didn’t communicate with him and he lost that trust that he hasn’t been able to find with Raine due to it. Liam is hard to trust after his former wife cheated on him, and it’s only grown more after Raine sleeps with Hammer only just after she becomes Liam’s sub. Raine has a great amount of trust issues after her mother left, her siblings abandoned her, and she was left with her abusive father. It’s something they all need to be able to overcome, no matter who Raine may choose in the end.

Overall, I was very pleased with this book, and I’m excited to continue the series to see how these characters grow, how the relationships between them all are affected, and how they deal with their demons.

My Rating: 4/5

Goodreads Rating: 4.10/5

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