The Young and the Submissive

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I quite enjoyed The Young & The Submissive, I think a bit more than One Dom to Love. The outstanding moments in this second book were hands down the moments Hammer and Liam were able to put aside their differences for Raine. At the end of the day, her safety, her happiness, is what matters. Not their egos, not their pride. It’s what will make her happy, what will make everyone happy and safe. It took some time to get there, and there are no illusions that this will remain this way, but eventually they found a place where they could all coexist together, as a team, as one solid trio.

I absolutely loved the development that each character has gone through. That remains my favourite parts of this series so far. Each character grows and learns, and that’s what it’s all about. That’s what makes it more realistic than some fantasy book. We all make mistakes and have problems, but it’s pushing through and learning to cope and compromise that make us who we are.

Hammer, oh Hammer. It took some time to move onto his side and root for him. Again, he started out this book as a selfish, impulsive ass, who acted like his favourite toy was taken away. But the moment Raine takes off, and it looks like he’s really lost her this time, he gets his head out of his ass and realizes none of this is helping. His pushing, his trying to pry her away from Liam, it was only making things worse. He realized when he thought she might be pregnant and that hope was taking away from him, that he wanted something much more than he imagined. He wanted a child, he wanted a wife. He wanted that life somehow intertwined with his vision from before. And he became willing to compromise.

Liam, we saw a different side to Liam. We learn more about him, about where he’s come from and what he’s faced in the past with Juliet and his ex-wife. He struggled a great deal in this book, unsure if he’ll ever have Raine’s heart like Hammer does, and eventually, he lets her go in order for her to decide what it is she truly wants. But he loves her, so deeply, so heartily, and you can’t help again to root for him. With Raine’s stubborn, dishonest ways, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Liam. He’s put so much of his heart into being her Dom, into making her believe that he loves her, and she continues to pull away from him despite promising him her everything.

Raine was very frustrating, but also had the most to gain by her development. There were many times she annoyed me to the brink. She would say one thing to Liam and then do the opposite. Holding herself back, being dishonest, it went against everything she promised Liam she would work on. And running away every time an issue arose? It was getting to be too much. But then came Raine realizing this all, coming to those conclusions that she was holding herself back, that she ran off too easily. She faced those problems head on, and she let both Liam and Hammer guide her, and is growing as a character.

There are still a lot of improvements for all three, but the growth in this book was amazing and I’m excited to see how they’ll continue in the next books to come.

I have to say, I’m absolutely in love with Beck, and Seth is coming very close as well. I love these two secondary characters that are helping all three communicate better and realize what exactly it is they want. They’re there for them all to talk things through, and they add the perfect amount of humour and insight. Beck started out as this horrible ass, but has grown into a loveable character.

The sex in this series has always been outstanding, but when Raine, Hammer and Liam come together all as one? God, there’s nothing like it. It’s well written, enjoyable to read, and just helped to progress everything along. Nothing is unnecessary or cheesy, which you find sometimes in erotica. Everything is carefully placed and planned in the perfect moments that add something to the story. And as it should, as it is largely BDSM themed.

Overall, another fantastic book, a great addition to the series, and that ending has left me excited and worried about the drama that is about to hit these three.


My Rating: 4.5/5

Goodreads Rating: 4.15/4

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