Every Little Kiss

(Image from Goodreads)

I was first drawn to Every Little Kiss by Susan Hatler due to the cover. It’s cute and held the promise of a great romance. The premise itself was great. Our main character, Wendy, returns home after a nine year absence, fleeing from the hurt and abandonment she had felt most of her life. But with the death of her grandmother and the stipulations in her will, she’s forced back to her little home town and tries to connect with her older brother as they battle with selling the family Inn. Toss in some classic friends and a hot, smouldering man, and you have a recipe for success.

Unfortunately, while the premise held a lot of promise, the overall story left me feeling a bit bored.

The dialogue felt jilted and awkward between the characters, especially between Wendy and Max. I wanted to enjoy these two, and there were a great deal of times that I did. But the connection didn’t feel as natural as it could have and it was hard to really get behind the pair and root for them. A root of that problem, I believe, was Wendy’s worry that she was going to end up hurt and alone, once again. Of course, that was a development I was happy to see made near the end of the story.

Characters in the book also felt more immature than I was expecting. Wendy argued over every little detail. Brian couldn’t seem to forgive Wendy for leaving, even though he insisted his sister needed to forgive their parents for the same crime. Their parents felt extremely immature, leaving their children with their grandmother and then years later insisting it was for the best and basically demanding their children to forgive them like nothing ever happened. Except they took off again. I actually felt frustrated for Wendy when everyone insisted she should forgive her parents so easily. While I agree, holding a grudge can only leave a lingering dark cloud above your head, the situation isn’t simply black and white. Her parents leaving had caused Wendy a great deal of pain, pain that shaped how she viewed relationships from when she was only eight years old.

I wanted to enjoy this story, and in ways I did. It was a quick, easy romance, and in that instance, it was perfect. There wasn’t much involvement of my thoughts, digging into the minds of the characters and dissecting every little thing. But not every book requires that.

My recommendation, it’s a lazy day, quick read, but it’s hard to find that attachment to the character or stories.


My Rating: 3/5

Goodreads Rating: 4.06/5

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